The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

Jasmine Johnson

The 7 deadly sins of social media

Maria Perez / November 12 2012

The 7 deadly sins of social media is basically a guideline on how not to use social media. The author Maria Perez wrote this article on the ideas of a speaker Scott Stratten. He believes that it is not necessary to be a part of all social media but it is necessary to be good in one specific area. He goes on to give tips on how to be good and also gives the seven things you shouldn’t do on social media. Stratten takes the 7 deadly sins; Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Greed, Lust, Envy, and Wrath, and relates them back to PR and social media. To commit the sin of gluttony you are not engaging in your audience and not being personable. His tip is to try to engage your audience by answering back to tweets, this extends the life of the tweet. Pride is when you are so obsessed with your product that you start to not care what people think unless its positive. A person who has too much pride would pose a question like, “what’s your favorite product of ours”. Committing the social media sin of sloth is when companies take a long time to get back to you. Stratten said that social media changed the timeline for responding. Companies use to be able to say they would get back to you in a matter of days. But now everything is judged by the hour. Stratten believes that if you don’t have the time to respond then you should never have posted. Greed is all about earning what you want and working towards something. Instead of paying people for followers you should create better content so that people want to follow you. Envy is a social media sin that many people commit. Stratten says to retweet complaments that others tweet you. And final;ly wrath. Social media has given people power, and with this power they can criticize you. Stratten says to not ignore the cirtisim if it is constructive instead respond to them. I think that this article relates directly to PR because of how much social media is a part of PR. This article is especially important to people like me and my peers because social media is only going to get bigger. By the time we start our professions we will be expected to be experts. I think the most import thing to take away from this article is that its not important to be involved in everyform of social media. There are hundreds and hundreds of different forms of social media. If we try to be apart of all of it we will lose control of it. Instead of being everywhere, we just need to be great where we are.  


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