Children’s Miracle Network 100 Million Miracles Article Summary

Brette Baker

CMN Social Media Article Summary

Kenna McHugh

Social Times

June 2011


100 Million Miracles, an online campaign started by Children’s Miracle Network, was started at the Hollywood launch party and beauty retreat in June 2011.

The campaign is an effort to use social media to raise $100 million for the children and families Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals supports. They anticipate that supporters will use social media to spread the word about the program itself and about children’s hospitals around North America.

The Give Back Hollywood Foundation hosted the event in hopes of encouraging celebrities to pledge to use their social media outreach to support Children’s Miracle Network and other charities.

As a corporate partner, Delta Air Lines communicated the campaign to it’s more than 30 million SkyMiles members. They included incentives giving 1,000 SkyMiles to every member that donated $50 or more. Additionally, Delta gave 10% of the cost of all new SkyClub members purchased during the month of June. Delta donated 1.2 million miles to the campaign.

The Children’s Miracle Network asked individuals to help by using their own social media platforms as well.


This article ties into PR by using both social media tactics and celebrity endorsements. In the past few years, as social media has taken off, it is the easiest way to communicate information and bring attention to important topics. Celebrity endorsements are a positive way of using the halo affect and the Law of the Few. The Children’s Miracle Network’s goal was to raise $100 million, which was only possible through the efforts of many people. By using a few celebrities to start spreading the word, the campaign was soon well-known all over the continent.


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