Olathe City Commission Meeting Review

Every Tuesday in the city of Olathe, Kan., is now known as “MNU Tuesday” after Olathe Mayor Michael Copeland proclaimed this award to Mid-America Nazarene University at the Olathe City Council meeting Tuesday.

Mid-America Nazarene University is Olathe’s hometown University and has been around since 1966. Dr. David Spittal, president of MNU, accepted the award from Mayor Copeland.

“It is an honor to have you here tonight,” said Copeland, “this is an important night to celebrate our success with MNU.”

The proclamation recognizes MNU as being the university of Olathe and the history and legacy throughout the city, the MNU leaders and alumni who help shape the city, MNU’s commitment to higher education and service, the partnership between the faculty, staff and students at MNU who choose to call Olathe their home, MNU’s focus on enhancing its community outreach and partnerships, and for creating successful relationships while gaining a sense of community.

“Mid-America Nazarene and the service they continually give has helped shape the direction and future of our city,” said Copeland.

After being given the award, MNU played a short video for the audience about their continuing effort to provide service to the city of Olathe and how they plan to do such.

Facundo Rodriguez, a student athlete at MNU, said in an interview, “I think it’s awesome to see my school being recognized. So many people have no idea what I’m talking about when I say MNU, so this is a great opportunity we’re being given.”

Spittal said he believes some communities coming together aren’t an accident; they are intentional.

“Our story and the Olathe story have woven together in so many different ways,” said Spittal.

Spittal declared that every Tuesday is going to be known as a service day throughout MNU and invited all members of the community to come take the service initiative.

“We believe part of responsibility is to be of service to our community and so it’s our desire to be intentional about that service,” said Spittal.

Spittal also said Tuesday is a day for the Olathe community to wear the colors of MNU, navy blue and scarlet, to show support for the university.

“Having a university around has given Olathe even more of a sense of community. MNU may be a small school, but it is a school we can root for and get excited about. It may not be a big as K-State or have the same morale, but it’s a start and a step in the right direction for this city,” said Susan Horahan, a resident of Olathe, in an interview.

Spittal finished by thanking the community and the council.

“I want to thank you for making Olathe such a wonderful place to live and for giving MNU this opportunity to be a part of whatever you have envisioned for the future,” said Spittal.

The council also talked about:

· Proclaiming Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 National Hispanic Heritage Month

· Recognizing the Olathe National Education Association for their donation to the Recreation Scholarship Program

· Approving a license for the Fraternal Order of Eagles Olathe Aerie 700 club

· Approving a license for a precious metal dealer


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