Article: Don’t Change Your PR Goals With Social Media

Steve Farnsworth recently posted about the problems Social Media can create for PR professionals.

Farnsworth uses examples from another article written by Howard Sewell, which said that PR people are not using Social Media correctly when they put it into their strategies and plans.

  • Increase awareness amongst bloggers, influencers and prospects
  • Enhance company’s image by delivering insight to key online communities
  • Promote company’s approach to their technology and product category

These are examples of Social Media goals Farnsworth has seen.

  • Drive search-generated traffic and net new sales leads
  • Use targeted, insightful content to attract and engage with qualified prospects
  • Expand company’s leads database and community of followers
  • Educate, cultivate, and nurture existing customers and prospects

These are what they should be like, Farnsworth and Sewell said.

These are things we all know from our PR course work and our outside experiences. The goals/objectives must be measurable. Increasing awareness, as we’ve learned, is a bad goal. Awareness doesn’t encourage action. Awareness in Social Media doesn’t mean much anyways when every brand has a Twitter/Facebook now.

Instead, with Social Media plans you must strive for results just like any other communications plan, Farnsworth said.

As we go into the real world, we need to know that simply posting content on Facebook and Twitter doesn’t ensure our company’s Social Media success, or overall success for that matter.

We must approach Social Media like we do any other outlet and focus on results through proper research, targeting and messaging.


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