Article: Ghost Blogging

I found another article from Steve Farnsworth that I thought related to me and where my PR career will go.

Farnsworth writes about the ethics of ghost blogging and how they’ve been discussed in the past. The truth of the matter is that some CEO’s in today’s world are bad communicators or socially awkward. When it is a statement to be released, whether by the President of the United States or the CEO of Best Buy, it is understood by most people that there is someone on staff who writes those statements or speeches, Farnsworth said.

There are obvious times where the thoughts need to come from the CEO, like in times of crisis or emergency.

Farnsworth said that ghost blogging in itself is ethical if the communicator follows his rules. He listed out what he had done in the past when starting to write something as someone else.

“1) Interviewed them to get their thoughts, then wrote it, and then have them review and give feedback.

2) Have them write a first draft, I would then edit or rewrite as needed, and then have them review and give feedback.

3) Have them bullet point or outline their thoughts, I would write it, and then have them review and give feedback.”

The point is to keep it authentic. Make sure it is their thoughts and written specifically for them. All you are doing is assisting them.

This is important to us as future PR professionals, because it is likely that we will be writing speeches, announcements or letters on behalf of someone in our own company or for our client.


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